Our Story

A Reflection

When we turn on our faucets, we don't give a thought to where our drinking water comes from. How water gets from the ground to the glass is quite intricate then we ever consider. Water is deeply connect to our lives...it brings us together...it infuses life and vibrance in every living thing. The incredible history of water transportation has been tucked away, and not much thought is put into the brilliance of technology, which has taken place to bring us the convenience of the way we receive water in our homes and business today. I’m sure you’ll agree, water is of the utmost importance to our lives and our needs, however it should not to be taken for granted.



About Us

Several years ago in the state of California we were asked to cut down on water consumption by 20% due to the drought. After researching different ways to use water in our home more efficiently, our eyes were opened to how many states in the US were actually suffering from drought conditions. As a family we decided we needed to do MORE then what we were being asked to do. This meant the first order of business was to replace all of the faucets in our home with water saving faucets and shower heads.

Before setting out on our quest for new faucets, a family discussion brought the realization that design and style were right at the top of the list with the importances of functionality and quality. After searching online and in stores we found that the access we needed to sustainable manufactures, which offered quality, functional design, and aesthetics, just were not available...this is how Tap & Faucet came to fruition.





What We Do

 What separates us from the rest...

Tap & Faucet is family owned company based in the heart of Northern California wine country, with offices nationwide. We distribute worldwide, offering competitive prices, quality products, and superior customer service. At Tap & Faucet we have an excellent team of people that care about the environment, and the future of or planet.  

We are always searching for ways to expand our company. If you have any questions about our products or company please contact us, we are here to help.


Show room address:  3030 McBride Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95403