Top 10 Interior Design Trends for Spring 2018

Top 10 Interior Design Trends for Spring 2018

The season of Spring signifies a fresh start - new life, as it were. It is a time where trees are green again, flowers look beautiful in their colors, and birds, animals, and humans are out enjoying the welcoming warmth of the Sun. While the outdoors are pretty much given a do-over, indoors are quite the opposite. We forget about our homes and let the cold of winter linger on in everything from our drapes to the wall paint. So, in order to bring some of that vibrancy from the outdoors inside, here are some of the most exciting interior design trends for Spring 2018.

Using Bright Colors

If winter is associated with greys and browns, spring works excellently with bright colors like lilac, orange, peach, coral, and more. Don't only limit the pain to your wall though, go all-out. Paint your doors, windows, pillars, whatever your imagination permits. Mix and match the colors to give your home a completely new look. Ice-cream or gelato colors are a hot trend now and are a perfect way to bring out a new summer look for your interiors.

Embellishments Around The Home

This is another great way to get your home looking classy and extremely rich. Embellishments in your home add another layer to the surroundings. Feathers, fringing, macrame, tassels, or tufting can be done easily and cost-efficiently as well. You can easily find handwoven wall hangings, rugs, cushion covers, table mats and more, and at very affordable prices.

Going Green

We all know that plants produce oxygen and it's advantageous to have them in our home. So, add as much as you can. Get beautiful looking plants from your local garden and place them in every room of your home - even the bathrooms. You can experiment in whatever way you like when it comes to plants. Hang them from the ceiling, place them on shelves, showcase them on tables, or have them brighten a corner - the choice is yours.

Golden Eye

Beginning last year, gold has been a major part of our renovation ideas. From metallic gold paint to gold rimmed furniture, this spring calls for some shininess. It is a lot softer than silver and matches pretty much anything. Bring out the gold-rimmed mirrors, the gold hanging lamps, even the subtle gold doorknobs. Gold is definitely here to stay this spring.

Brass Is Class

If gold is not your cup of tea, you should opt for its humble, yet elegant cousin, brass. This metal looks and feels rich in any home. You can use it on doors, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, tables, beds, and practically everywhere else. Brass matches perfectly with wood and adds that perfect amount of ‘rustic’ to any room, unlike any other metal.

Angular Faucets

Whether it's the bathroom or kitchen, your faucets say a lot about your home. This spring, you can keep up with the latest trends by introducing angular faucets into your spaces. Gone are the days where elegant curves and rounded edges were considered beautiful. Today, it's all about the sharpness and angularity of your faucets. They are easy to find and don't pinch your pocket too much.

Geometric Designs

This has always been a favorite when it comes to interior decoration, but this spring, it matches everything around it. From angular faucets to metallic colors, your geometric designs will blend in perfectly in any room. Add these shapes in your wallpaper, tiles, art, and everything else. You can even incorporate the geometric design in your cushions, carpets, rugs, sheets, and drapes.

Feel Blue

Earlier we discussed the use of ice-cream tones or bright colors to highlight the coming of spring. But if those colors don't do it for you, you can always count on the various shades of blue - indigo in particular - to keep your home looking chic and elegant. You can choose to go big by painting an entire room blue or simply add a few accessories to add some color to your room. Mix shapes, sizes, and shades to get the best look.

Lighting Ideas

You may have the best colors on your walls or the most beautiful furniture, but it all doesn't mean anything without the perfect lighting. LED lights are available in various colors and brightness levels so you can choose the ones that match your home perfectly. Another ingenious idea is to include concealed lighting designs to add a bit of mystery to every room. Hide them in your ceilings, walls, and even floors to surprise your guests as well as yourself at how stunning your home can really look.

All About Metals

The one thing you can't go wrong with this Spring is metal. But as we discussed earlier, gold and brass seem to be the favorite this season. Does that mean you can't add other metallic colors to it? Absolutely not. It's easy to perfectly combine more than a single metal color in your rooms without having them clash. The important thing to remember is to choose one metal and make that the dominant one. So, you can have a gold colored wall with a softer, cooler chrome wall hanging to add contrast. Mixed metals can work wonders for your home, it just takes some careful planning.

There you have it, now go out and gives these 10 tips a shot. You will be surprised at how much you can change your home just by replacing some colors and shapes.


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