Tips On How To Properly Measure A Faucet

Tips On How To Properly Measure A Faucet

Replacing an old faucet in the kitchen or bathroom might seem like a job for a professional - and it is for complex fittings - but when the faucets in your home are simple, a basic understanding of how to remove the old and install the new is what is required.

It is important to remember that faucets come in various sizes, styles, and designs. To properly measure and install a new fitting, one must understand and decide on the type of faucet.

Single Hole Faucet: As the name describes it, the single hole faucet is designed for sinks and countertops with just one hole. The handle and spout are fixed together in this type of faucet.

Centerset Faucet: When a sink or countertop has 3 holes drilled 4-inches apart, a centerset faucet can easily be installed. This usually consists of a deckplate that holds a spout and two handles.

Minispread Faucets: Similar to a centerset faucet fitting, a minispread faucet is also installed into sinks with 3 pre-drilled holes. They can be 4-inches or 8-inches apart and consist of 2 handles and 1 spout which are separated and do not sit on a deckplate.

Vessel Filler Faucet: For vessel sinks that usually fit on top of a counter rather than below it, the vessel filler faucet is perfect. The faucet itself is a lot taller than regular fittings to ensure the water flows into the bowl.

Wall Mounted Faucet: The wall mounted faucet is installed directly into the wall rather than on the sink or countertop. These faucets require the water supply to be above the height of the sink rather than below it.

After determining the type of faucet required, measuring of the same is critical. The best way to ensure proper faucet measurement is to use a measuring tape. After removing the old fittings, use the tape to check the distance between the center of the hole on the far left and the center of the hole on the far right. This obviously pertains to the centerset, minispread, vessel filler and wall mounted faucets. For the single hole faucet, the diameter of the hole is all that is required. But only measuring the holes on the sink don't ensure a proper fit. The faucets themselves need to be measured before installation to perfectly match the size of the sink. Here are some things to consider before installing the faucet mounts.

Faucet Height: From the base of the faucet to the highest tip of the spout is the faucet height. It is important to remember when buying faucets for low or small sinks.

Faucet Width: Usually determined by the width of the deckplate that sits on the sink, the faucet width plays a big role in properly fitting into the countertop.

Faucet Length: As mentioned earlier, the length of the holes drilled into the sink are the total length of the faucet. It varies from 4 to 16 inches.

Spout Height: The height from the base of the faucet to the opening from where the water is dispersed is known as the spout height. The type of sink determines the height of the spout.

Spout Reach: Measured horizontally from the center of the base of the spout to the stream of water, the spout reach is an important factor when installing a new faucet.

Over-All Faucet Height: Very similar to the faucet height, the over-all faucet height takes into consideration the extended portions that fit under the sink or countertop.

Faucet Holes: The pre-drilled holes in a sink that determine the kind of faucet to use. They can be as low as 1 hole or as many as 4 holes.

Faucet Centers: Faucet Centers are basically the centers of the holes found on a sink or countertop. It is through these holes that the faucets are attached.

Follow these simple, yet, essential tips and your bathroom or kitchen will look as beautiful as the day you first moved in.


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