Faucet Colors Enhance Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Faucet Colors Enhance Kitchen & Bathroom Design


When it comes to a choosing a faucet for your kitchen or bathroom, you won't want to miss out on the selection of shades that will enhance the design and style — such as traditional and contemporary — the primary fixtures play a central role in bringing such a fusion together. The color and finish of a faucet can help to establish the right tone for an interdesign concept. To understand why this is so, it is important to be aware of how the final aesthetic of a kitchen, bathroom or bar is visually focused on its key fixture — the faucet.

Countertop selection, cabinetry and ancillary hardware all play off the tone set by the faucet. As such, when blending styles it is important to be aware of the different choices in colors and finishes that are available for faucets. It is also essential to realize how these different colors and finishes impact the overall aesthetic of the design.

Metallic Colors and Finishes

- Chrome: It usually works well with any design scheme, making it a good choice when blending styles. Chrome faucets generally come in a polished finish. This makes them more suited for brighter design concepts and not for those seeking an understated look.

- Nickel: As durable as chrome, but usually found in satin and brushed finishes, it makes it the perfect choice when one is seeking a more subdued option to chrome. It makes for a wonderful selection if one's design concep transitions from light to dark.

- Stainless Steel: Available in polished, brushed and satin finishes, stainless steel faucets offer a traditional look that blends well with stainless steel sinks and appliances. It also offers better spot and fingerprint resistance than chrome. If your kitchen design blends traditional and contemporary elements, stainless steel can be a good choice.

- Pewter: Especially when presented in an aged-finish, a pewter faucet can bring a darker, grayish tone to your kitchen that provides character, even when blending a minimalist scheme into your design mix.

For those seeking a warmer tone, these metallic colors offer a more stately presence:

- Bronze: In a satin finish, bronze takes a traditional metal and gives it a contemporary look — deal for a fusion design style. In its more traditional polished finish, a brass faucet will exude a more vintage appeal.

- Brass: Brass faucets can be very effective if one of the style inspirations being incorporated into the interdesign is Mediterranean.

- Copper: A copper faucet provides a degree of boldness that comes in handy when two polarized styles are coming together in the kitchen or bathroom. The look of a copper faucet has the ability to serve as a visual catalyst for bringing the extreme styles together as one.

- Gold: In its polished finish, a gold faucet might seem ostentatious, but if the overall design scheme incorporates grandiose underpinnings, it can be aesthetically pleasing. In other finishes, gold tones combined with other shades, such as rose-gold, can serve to provide a degree of style warmness. This is well-suited when transitioning from a neutral design scheme to a warmer one. A his and her bathroom is a classic example.

Beyond the metallic options, there are also faucets available with enameled or epoxy finishes. These add the possibility of incorporating solid colors, or a blend of colors, to your faucet selection. White, red and black enameled faucets may be the most common, but different colors, even customized ones, are available.

By choosing the color and finish selection of your faucet wisely, your kitchen or bathroom interdesign concept can easily achieve the right fusion of styles that you are seeking.


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