Fabric to Faucet: How The Humble Bathroom and Kitchen Is Getting A Major Facelift

Fabric to Faucet: How The Humble Bathroom and Kitchen Is Getting A Major Facelift


How often do we drag ourselves out of bed and into the shower just to get ready for the day ahead? The lack of excitement - of something new - has us living a mundane life. But what if you could kick start your day with something different every day? Would you believe that a simple faucet in your kitchen or bathroom could lift your spirits and have you looking forward to the day's activities? Well, there are a number of fashion designers, engineers, and interior decorators that have been called upon by the biggest names in faucet manufacturers to create absolutely stunning pieces or “art” that transform any bathroom or kitchen into modern marvels.

The Transformation

 For quite a few years now, people have acquired a taste for the unconventional and that has slowly spilled over into our bathrooms and kitchens. While modular kitchens have been around for a longer period of time, designer faucets are relatively new. From the regular twist to open/close taps to the newest hands-free installations, washing our hands has become a sort of lifestyle. These manufacturers have taken notice of that and have looked for inspiration in the most bizarre of places, albeit, the most trendsetting.

The Inspiration

It really doesn't matter where the inspiration behind the stunning looking faucets comes from so long as they instantly grab the attention of customers. Many of the designers hired by these manufacturers come from vastly different backgrounds such as fashion or furniture. One such faucet is named the Triflow Quadro Kitchen Tap that is designed by Zaha Hadid Design who was a well-known architect who designed more than a few awe inspiring buildings. The faucet itself is curvy and is made from brass core. The finish is made from chrome and nickel to provide that rich, elegant look to your sink. There is electronic touch sensitive controls that make the faucet even more desirable.

Another architect who was called upon to design revolutionary faucets was David Adjaye who created the Ritual for AXOR. This remarkable piece has a slightly tilted bronze spout with an inlay made from black granite. This allows the water to flow out in a flat stream instead of a cylindrical gush. The design is sleek and sexy - two of the most wanted traits in today's market.

German furniture designer, Werner Aisslinger, is another famous designer who stepped out of his comfort zone and successfully tried his experienced hands at something completely different. Being the brains behind a faucet called The Sea and the Shore, he gave the world a bathroom installation that truly stands out from the rest in every way possible. This faucet is a hybrid planter-fountain which basically means it allows the customer to have a live growing plant in the same faucet where they wash their hands. It is really something that needs to be seen to be believed.

World renowned fashion designer, Jason Wu collaborated with Brizo - a luxury fittings company that takes modern kitchens and bathrooms to a whole new level. It doesn't matter if it's the kitchen, bath, or anywhere else, Brizo’s range of exquisite fittings ensures your room looks and feels like a dream. Their sculpted looks and serene functionality provide that calming sensation as soon as the faucet is turned on.

The Connection

As you can see, architects, engineers, clothing designers, and furniture makers are just a handful of people looking to bring about a change in the way people use their faucets. With creative designers always on the rise, we can expect to see more transitions in the near future. Connecting furniture designs and bathtub faucets or clothing designs and wash basin fixtures would have never been considered earlier, but with the borders between the two practically merging into one, it would seem like a perfect match.

Looking Forward

If we are to consider what today's designers are doing in the world of bathroom and kitchen faucets, one can only imagine a future where the top designers play an important role in our lifestyle choices - whether it entails our dressing sense or our bathing sense. Interior designers, furniture designers, architects, or even engineers could be the next big name in household fixtures and their work has already proven itself worthy of admiration. With so much potential coming our way, we can rest assured that our bathrooms and kitchens will always have a modern vibe to it - even if it involves the humble faucet.


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